How To Edit a Home Movie

by: Glen Martin
Face it, just about everybody thinks home movies are boring! Here are a few ideas on making a home movie that’s fast paced, fun to watch and has a professional look.

This video was a Christmas present for my daughter and her husband featuring my grandson Aiden. The project is taken from about 6 hours of home movies from my daughter’s camera and several hundred photos. Total run time is 21 minutes: about 17 minutes video followed by a 4 minute slide show.

First, I loaded 6 hours and 47 minutes of video files on the timeline of my video editor and started watching. (This same method works even if you have only 1 hour of raw video). Every time I saw a really good scene, I’d mark the beginning and end and save it as a clip. As the clip library starts to grow, certain categories begin to emerge. Finally, I sorted the clips by category or theme.

The creative part is piecing it together. To keep it interesting, I add sound effects, background music, titles, special effect transitions, cartoon voices and a narration.

Take a look; there’s some pretty funny stuff here!! BTW, I’m the bald guy with a beard.
(also Santa) :-)

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