How To Produce a Video

Choosing Qualified Professionals

Buying a camera and desktop edit system does not a videographer make! Skill, creativity, and dependability vary considerably. Experience is crucial. You usually get what you pay for. For example, those who ask Uncle Jake to take their wedding pictures will get a far different outcome from those who search for a qualified still photographer, ask to see sample portfolios, and get references from happy clients.

Your video is important to you. So it’s vital to find a professional you can trust with your message and who has the experience to carry it through–on time and within budget. Always ask to view a demo tape. Ask if this team planned, wrote, shot, and edited each project shown; if not, which parts of these projects did they do? In what areas are their skills strongest? Do they partner with other professionals whose strengths complement theirs? Look at several demo tapes to get a broader feel for the options. And most of all, choose a professional team with good people skills, someone you can enjoy working with.

Basic Steps

Know what you want to communicate. What’s the main idea? Do you need to teach or train, sell a product or service, distribute information, motivate or inspire, raise funds, or honor an outstanding person? What must be included to cover the subject (and perhaps meet continuing education criteria or even legal requirements)?

How To Produce the Video

Decide who your audience is. Corporate executives, middle-management, manufacturing workers, educators, volunteers, families, churches, foundations, students, members of professional associations, equipment users or installers…. What language do they speak? What spokesmen do they have confidence in? How much do they already know about the subject? What aspect of the intended program do you think would interest them most?


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